The charism of Montfort led our pioneering Brothers Denis, John Baptist and Martin de Vertou to Pondicherry to evolve a new and renewed Indian Community of faith having Jesus as the centre of life, with the ideals of honesty and simplicity in their Apostolate. Only those who burn with a missionary zeal and religious commitment could leave their kith and kin, securities and comforts to live and die in some unknown land. While Montfort who wanted to go to India or Canada to proclaim the good news was asked to be an Apostolic Missionary in France, his followers who probably had desired not to leave France, became his ambassadors in India and other countries

In 1901, Fr. Escande sent an earnest appeal again asking for the services of the Brothers. The crisis in France reminded Bro.Martial the then Superior General to respond to the request from Pondicherry and to spare a few Brothers for the mission in India.

The three wise men selected to travel to India were Bro.Dennis 35, Superior of the mission, Bro. John Baptist de la Salle, 29 and Bro.Martin de Vertou 26. They reached the shores of Pondy on September 11, 1903

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