A day in the life of Montfort School usually begins with an assembly invoking God’s blessings. Theme based assemblies are organized by various classes. Moral values are imparted through readings from Holy books and narration by students and teachers. These assemblies serve as a platform to demonstrate diverse talents and skills.


The school timing is from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm with intervals of ten minutes each in the morning/afternoon and a lunch break of forty minutes from 12.20-1.00 pm

From 4 pm to 5 pm students are provided with opportunities for engaging in sports and games. The students are encouraged to participate and learn the meaning and importance of team work and the spirit of sportsmanship. These activities go a long way to increase competence in life skills which together with academic performance shape not only personality development but more importantly character formation.


K.G Boys : Orange Shirt, Dark- Maroon Shorts

K.G Girls : Orange Shirt, Dark- Maroon Pinafore

I-V Boys : Pink Shirt, Chocolate Brown Shorts

I-V Girls : Pink Shirt, Chocolate Brown Pinafore

VI-XII Boys : Pink Shirt, Chocolate Brown Pant

VI-XII Girls : Pink Chudidhar, Chocolate Brown Jacket and Pant


This is my school. I must be proud of it. And it must be proud of me.

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Montfort School ,
Marakkanam Road,
Tindivanam - 604001, Villupuram District, India.
India. Ph: 04147-223818
87542-08868, 87542-08688


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Albert Einstein.