We have been able to position ourselves among the leading schools in Tindivanam, we offered quality education and best infrastructure facilities. Our institution has been appreciated for over the years by numerous parents owing to our excellent services and strict discipline level. The three storeyed building with basement provides an exemplary ambience for different kinds of activities. The building accommodates spacious and well ventilated classrooms,seminar halls, activity halls, a huge library with collection of more than 4500 books, career counseling room and state of the art fully equipped latest separate physics, chemistry, biology, computer, English, maths, social science and a composite science labs for primary students.




Our Physics and Chemistry labs help our students to gain knowledge of the application of scientific concepts in real life situations. The labs facilitate learning of science more interesting and effective

Our Botany and Zoology labs make our students cope with increasing demands and developments in the field of Biological Sciences

Our classrooms are very spacious and accommodate enough comfortable furniture with racks to keeps books and learning materials..

Computers are being used in almost every aspect related to life

Our computer science labs help the students acquire the basic skills required to develop computer applications

The smart board classrooms enable students to move up from traditional teaching method to technology based learning

These classrooms enable students to enhance their learning experience

3-D Animated video lessons for all the classes

Books enrich and empower the students

Our school library has always been a place for students to learn on their own

It is a treasure house of knowledge with a collection of more than 4500 books on various disciplines

Every academic year we update the collection of revised edition of Books, Journals and Magazines

We have a large play ground for the following sports and games





Chess and Carom


Throw ball


Our classrooms are very spacious and accommodate enough comfortable furniture with racks to keeps books and learning materials

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Montfort School ,
Marakkanam Road,
Tindivanam - 604001, Villupuram District, India.
India. Ph: 04147-223818
87542-08868, 87542-08688


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Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein.